Echoes in the Darkness

This article notes there is a celestial echo from the creation–hinted at in Genesis 1. A powerful story that gives cohesion to the human narrative.

But how much more exciting is it to actually see the authentic mechanics of God’s handiwork? This gravity echo is not a poetical guess, as the early creation myths are. This has some evidence–something we always need to apply to our worldview to keep it fresh and accurate.

In short, the universe is so much bigger, scarier, more beautiful and richer than any of our stone or bronze age prophets could have imagined. For those of you who are monotheists, this is an opportunity to get excited. Really. God is a really savvy technologist.

Brooklyn Bridging

Finally walked the Brooklyn Bridge. I remembered from David McCullough’s “The Great Bridge” how much suffering went into erecting this lofty and grand connector. Lots of bends for the workers; it ruined the lead architect, who’d survived the Civil War. Now walking it…The great buildings lay in front of you like you are in an art gallery about to bid. And of course, dominating the skyline, the new sinuous World Trade Center building: slim, smooth and glassy, with eye bending curves, stabbing the open air.

You walk, making little human steps to cover the miles, very small, yet elevated. And, there, at the edge of the boardwalk covering the roof the bridge, hucksters selling trinkets and portraits. One second a good deal on a key chain–two inches further, a precipitous drop to the automotive feeding frenzy below.

All in all, a great structure–with the human element always present, as Ken Burns’ fine documentary makes mention. I know fear for all public monuments. Our leaders have mortgaged what we should be giving to our grandchildren. If Trump buys it, however, he doubtless will cover the bridge in reflective glass, reshape the towers into massive capital T’s, and all the working class walkers and drivers will be ejected so that only the very rich can enjoy the connection of the two boroughs.

Erratic Entries

Been off for a while, my dear readers…Will start to populate the blog with the latest adventures and thoughts…Now, you can all go back to sleep.

On the Marathon Assault

We can’t even have a harmless international—yet very local and traditional—event without some punk wreaking havoc on innocent people. This bomb went off by the Boston Public Library in one of the most beautiful urban sites in America. This is a really bad thing–and really bad that the media are covering it 24/7, often with nothing to say, and spreading pointless speculation. Once again, this is exactly the attention a sick mind wants…

That some ran to the explosions to aid the injured is also encouraging.Yes–even in the worst of times, the best in people–sometimes only a few people–comes out. That courage and decency are also part of the human instinct farm defeats any terrorist’s purpose.

Little Trains in a Big Universe

I love train stations and the trains themselves. I love the gong-bell signaling their arrival. Unlike a plane, I can follow a train easily–I can see and predict infallibly where it’s going on its tracks. I can even walk along the tracks to the destination…At least hypothetically.

Trains are terrestrial–they don’t vanish into the sky. They take people to places without airsickness. Terrorists tend not to blow them up and they can’t be hijacked to Cuba…All things fade and vanish, but when I hear the train bell in my little town at night, snow or rain, I’m reassured. From the other end of the universe, another life-form in another time dimension can look and set his watch by the train in my town at midnight, as the flakes gently fall. We all belong to a cosmos that has human trains running steadily.

Remembrance of Blizzards Past

Memories of the Blizzard of ’78: My aunt and three cousins coming over to my family’s flat in East Walpole. Father and uncles all stuck at their places of work. Play, no school; lots of fun. It was like a big game. We made tent cities in a bedroom out of blankets and sheets. All those people were my universe. We were a big family and all connected just as the snow forms a layer on all things and connects them. And two of those kids who I played with during that blizzard died early deaths, my parents and uncles and aunt are also gone. And snow doesn’t comfort me like that anymore. But I do still like to play in it.

Arctic Wellfleet

Wellfleet was cold nasty and beautiful Sunday. The tavern path through the dunes was mostly frozen solid. The swamp was arid or icy and the pine woods covered in inches of snow. That lovely crunch and crisp antiseptic air combined with a view of the cold and wrinkled ocean to make us feel we were on a new planet. The exquisite lonely feeling of winter is a rare treat on the Cape…And it was all but virgin to us. Some other explorer had caught the path, led us to the edge of the ocean–quite a drop to contemplate–and led us out again. The cold was seeping in; the wind more persistent and mindless than a campaign ad; the car safe in the empty parking lot was a welcome sight.