Too Hot to Handle

The last week climate wise was a lesson. Hot and sticky is sooo uncomfortable; then air conditioning full blast warns us of the other extreme. The human animal is precariously balanced in its temperature environment. This once again reminds me natural selection alone (NOT UNINTELLIGENT DESIGN) has let us adapt to this ice age prone planet; that the life of the species is brief. We should with religious awe support and reverence life of all kinds and control our over-breeding. We should with the same energy as we hate and steal from each other stave off the ruination of what may be the only life sustaining planet in the entire universe. This is the floating pebble of Beethoven, Michelangelo, Shakespeare and Bazooka Joe. Lord, hear my prayer. We haven’t even collected the coloring book for the W. Bush memorial library….

Now back to Snooki or Sooki….