Another American Tragedy

Why the Connecticut disaster? This unspeakable butchery is easily understood. A failure in our mental health system; a breakdown in family responsibility; and a breakdown in gun control. When so many people are killed, it is clear it’d far too easy for the mentally ill to get access to ammunition and bullets in abundance. This is another example of the barbarism we are collapsing into.

Hearing the statement this is the “worst shooting in an elementary school in American history” floors me. The newscasters offer this pointless statistic with a straight face. Only in America would the media categorize the massacre like this–there are so many massacres, it seems, in theaters, colleges, and the like, we have to particularize them in some way. Naturally, the next borderline psychotic deciding to shock the world may use that as a starting point for HIS massacre and his hoped-for apotheosis in the ghoul-firmament of cable news…

At times like this, I wonder if America is a darkness trying to find the bottom that isn’t there.