Berkshires Ramble

Rode around West Massachusetts last week. The Springfield Armory deserves a visit, especially from pacifists. An odd historic anachronism in a dying-to-dead city. The guide there explained only a fraction of the museum objects were available for view. Even if all were on display, the objects would include graveyards throughout America, South America, Europe, and Asia.

Visited the mouth of the Hoosac Tunnel. It sticks out as a perfect arch in a hillside in the middle of rolling hills and wet woods. The slabs of stone that form it lie so perfect and clockwork. Just inside the tunnel is the dead black air of eternity–a few moths fluttered there. You aren’t allowed in–nor would I want to venture there–although someone described in detail how they once did it. I wouldn’t have the nerve for that.

One other item of note–The Warfield House is a wonderful place with a grand view. In the mist, in the hills, I saw something modern and positive–the blades of a massive windmill. For give my poetry–but to me it’s a scythe cutting our dependence on murderous fossil fuels.