Back to Gloucester

Nice paddle in Gloucester Harbor on Saturday. Boston hove into view distant but clear to the south, Thacher Island (we think) to the north, with its twin lighthouses. Looked like something from Tolkien. It was the former first site of the federal witness protection program by way of Joe Barboza Baron (more on that in my next book.)

The traffic was light, although we kept getting downwind of a lobster boat that was chumming the beds–folks, that is one ill wind. Gloucester is an odd city. Architecturally, it’s kind of a mess–the best buildings are mostly vinyl sided or have additions that don’t fit well. No classy Newburyport…It has a ramshackle feel.

Naturally no trip was complete without a visit to the temple of working class glamour, the Crow’s Nest…Still humble and hard working, with a fleece on display for sale that is covered in dust…