One more Memorial Day…

I saw Memorial Day from one end of the state to the other today. I saw the parade incubating in Lee at 8 a.m.; a parade just over in West Springfield; and the festivities in my chunk of the state after the event. Costumes ranged from desert khakis to Knights of Columbus finery to country girls wearing their best dress. Memorial Day–we have to hold it because our brain cells are so frail.

Does anyone know offhand to what war the monument at the top of Mt. Greylock is devoted? (Hint–think blue uniforms.)The most moving, i think of all stationary tributes is the one on Beacon Hill to Robert Gould Shaw and his African warriors–but they fell to prove something much bigger than who had the right to what tariff.

Pity the warrior–his blood and sacrifice is rarely honored in any meaningful way. Politicians only pay tribute when they want to APPEAR to care. Usually the soldier for him is just a tool to uphold his (usually bungled) policy. If you doubt me, got to any homeless shelter where you’ll see the vets are over–represented. For those that respects the armed forces, all the more reason to be thrifty with their lives and not waste them in error.