“Exorcist” Demon not such a Bad Fellow

In honor of Halloween, I’m posting my meditation on the Demon God of the “Exorcist” franchise.

Poor Pazuzu: “The Exorcist” slandered this demon god rather unfairly. Pazuzu should fire his agent for casting him in the cinematic possession franchise. He’s actually a good guy, blocking diseased winds and what not. (Who knows: he might be able to disinfect the foul gasses emitting from Fox News and Rush Limbaugh, etc.)

Sure he looks mean (a face like a rabid dog’s, and, yes, he’s packing a serpent under his briefs), but think about the rough spirits he has to keep in line. In the truly execrable “Exorcist II: The Heretic,” Pazuzu had to go toe to claw with Elizabeth Taylor’s husband AND Nurse Ratched. Only the Luca Brasi spirit enforcer of Mesopotamia could have pulled that off. He’s anything but some nasty jerk demon with nothing better to do than infest prepubescent rich white American girls.

In any case, over the past two decades, the Bush family has sufficiently punished the entire neo-Babylonian region for any slights Pazuzu might have inflicted here in the U.S.A., real or imagined.


Between drugs, budding estrogen levels, rock and roll, consumerism and teen rebellion, over time, Regan would have manifested all the symptoms of demonic possession unaided.