Navajo-Marine Grade Security

I rarely ever mix my business writing with my personal scribblings. My writings on my website and personal blog and other social media reflect my opinions only and not my employer’s point of view. However, the below is kind of an interesting piece and touches on some history. So I’ll offer the first paragraph and a link to the original blog I wrote–if you want to continue.

Here goes:

Looking for an example of ironclad encryption? Then think back about seven decades ago to World War II, the battle of the Pacific in particular. It was there that U.S. Marines deployed native Navajo-speakers to encrypt commands and reports on the battlefield.

In fact, just last month one of the last survivors of the original volunteer encryption unit passed on, as an article in the Economist points out. (You may recall the movie “Windtalkers,” with Nicolas Cage, which covered the subject.) To finish the blog, click here.