Motherness Day

I might as well offer my own meditation on motherhood….I had a very strong mother–and naturally that is a doubled edged razor. We fought, we loved, we hated at different times. We reconciled before her going home day (according to her faith) and that is the memory of her that I consider to be the “last word” on the matter. The crippled airless body that she became later, more machine than human, was not my mother. (Kids–don’t smoke. It’s not a glamorous way to go…My mother would have wanted me to tell you that!)

She seems like a dream, and it’s in dreams where I see her nowadays. What remains? Many personality traits, along with my freckles and red flecks of  hair (now graying fast). Certainly she taught me the sense of fairness, decency and loyalty to family and friends. She would not even hurt her enemies. But I also have had other mothers–good, kind women who taught me things as I grew up and who gave me love and support. I know who they are–some are still here, some not. They did me many kindnesses and never asked for any type of compensation.

Certainly, we’d have no civilization without the quiet work of women/mothers–their sympathy, patience, wisdom, gentle chiding, the faith they have in all of us even when we offer only bad promises. Well, as I’m slipping into preachy talk, I’ll snap it off now….I think anyone who reflects will see it should be “Motherness” day.