On the Big Spaces Out there

Been watching and ready heavily about the “Big Bang” which is, in fact, an impossibility if one considers it literally. There is no noise in space. Big flash, maybe. It seems to me, however, for someone to say there was a Universe Inception is as believable that Chronos ate his children until Zeus.

That aside, this expanding universe doesn’t offer me the consolation of a hell…(I doubt I’d qualify for the other place). Hell is preferable to nothing–that there is no force caring enough either punish to me or reward me. That thinking indicates the possibility of mercy. But nothing cannot be made anthropomorphic.

But then again, I share my lack of overarching purpose with great oceans, planets, suns, mountains. This inorganic matter doesn’t think or feel or worry that some primal non-living purpose created it.Ah, these are the limits to the mammal. Genetics makes us throw ourselves at the void and hope we come out the other side intact.