What a winter–please let it last

All this lovely snow and I’ve only gone cross country skiing twice this season. Between attending to grownup matters and other things, so little time for fun….Hopefully the snow will soon pick up with a vengeance and give me a season finale. Yesterday it was downright warm and made me feel nostalgic–as warm sunny days tend to. When I feel that gentle golden sunlight–like a mother’s breath on a baby’s cheek.

Then I wonder: Whose dream am I in? it’s too innocent and happy to be mine. But I am seeing it….Or imagining I’m imagining it? There is the story about Cowper, in hell, and finding his worst torture was dreaming he was in heaven before waking up….

But, back to quantifiable reality that can be measured by thermometers and barometers…. It’s nice and crisp and gray again today. I love New England gloom. Love it.

In any case, I fear real spring could break out at any minute. And for those that whine about the cold winters–get them now before global warming makes them a thing of memory….