Nuclear submarines are a real pain

Interesting article. The world’s baddest most sophisticated nuke sub ran aground off Scotland. This doesn’t say a lot either for super cutting edge military technology, or the Royal Navy. Nelson’s ghost must be doing somersaults.  Nuclear subs are a frightening thing, given what they are designed to do (move independently in stealth for months at a time) and are capable of by way of destruction (elimination of life as we know it).

The Thresher went down off of Connecticut more than 50 years ago due to some stupid mundane bolt out of place or something like it. Sooner or later, the sea is going to erode the hull and get at the reactor. What then? How many Soviet subs have gone down that we don’t even know about? Such a sub, like the Astute, is itself a weapon of mass destruction given its reactor payload.

Navies are supposed to protect civilians. We need protection from them.