Columbus: great sailor, awful person

Columbus was quite a mariner – and for that I respect him. He was brave. He was ambitious and boy, was he greedy….Well, let’s face it. Christopher Columbus wasn’t a nice paisan. He had more in common with Mussolini than St. Francis — to name two Italianate icons. He was a bloody slaver, a religious fanatic, and exquisitely avaricious.

He set the trend for eliminating “savages.” After he discovered – so to speak – San Salvador, he caused the virtual elimination of its rather kind and trusting inhabitants. He defined the way Europeans would treat natives for the next 500 years. He therefore deserves a holiday. It’s appropriate there is a day devoted to C.C. so we may contemplate his faith-based genocide and the complete rape of the “new” world. He saw something and just took it by force of arms. He represents a strong current in U.S. and Western Hemisphere history.

Indeed, if he were around today, he’d be a Fox News host. He and Fox News host Rick Santorum (another paisan) both share a cutting edge 15th century world view.