Blue whales not singing the blues?

Some potentially rare good news – the lower frequency pitch of the blue whale songs indicates the huge mammals are slowly rebuilding their nearly decimated population. Basically, the blues don’t have to sing as loud as they once did when they were the vanishing victims of commercial whaling during the first 72 years of the last century.

I once saw a blue whale on the St. Lawrence river, while riding in a zodiac with my companion and a very nice guide, near Tadoussac in Quebec. The plume of its spout must have risen 20 feet or so, demonstrating the size of the great gentle beast. I’d never seen a whale spout so high. Naturally, because it is wondrous, mankind had made it a special project to destroy the animal for dog food or explosives and other high priority commodities. In any case, this is nice news – although I tend  mistrust nice news.